IT Services

IT & home office support:

  • IT installation & support
  • Building silent high end & custom made computers
  • Setting up ESET NOD32 Antivirus software as well as ESET Smart Security with Firewall – ESET Partner
  • Removing viruses, malware, trojans and spyware
  • System security analysis
  • Setting up encryption such as Eclypt Core, Bitlocker or Veracrypt
  • Data deletion on DoD, BSI or NSA standard
  • Destroy HD Drives according to DIN 32757-1 (Class 3)
  • Data recovery (depends on the condition of the drive)

For more information please take a look at the “IT-Elements” section.

Security Services

What we can do for you as a VDS certified security consultant:

  • We sell and install high security euro profile cylinders up to VDS BZ+ standard
  • Distribution of KESO, Pfaffenhain and Zeiss Ikon cylinders, others upon request
  • Distribution of Abus padlocks featuring Pfaffenhain cylinders
  • Installation of smoke detectors from Secudo – TÜV certified partner
  • Threat assessment evaluation – VDS certified in security & security management
  • Security management analysis – VDS certified in security & security management
  • Private security consulting – VDS certified in security & security management

What we can plan and organise for you as a VDS certified security consultant:

  • Custom luxury safes from Switzerland featuring watch movers and individual trays for jewelry
  • Personal protection such as ballistic vests and clothes according to international NIJ and German SK standards
  • Personal protection such as a bodyguard or an armoured vehicle
  • Housing security such as a VDS certified alarm systems, certified security doors and windows according to VDS RC standard RC1-RC5, ballistic glass and wall panels or even a security – panic room (vault rooms upon request)
  • Perimeter security such as fences, cameras and sensors
  • Safe manipulation and emergency safe opening
  • Protection against wire tapping
  • Advanced electronic bug sweeps